60 Shots, 9.84

This black bear his hard to see.

These shots weren’t gim’mes. But, none were shots that a ten was too difficult. Once again, I tried to create tough shots that challenged me. No shot was over 40 yards. A rangefinder was not involved.

After 60 shots, without a warm-up, the average was 9.84 points per target. They were scored using IBO rules, so no twelve.

Smaller targets at longer distances were the main culprits for eights. Those were scored on two turkeys and a badger at 35 and 40 yards.  Altogether there were eight eights for the session.

This is a turkey at 35 yards. No too difficult, but a bit tight on the rings at this angle.

I’ll take a break, go to a baseball came in Norfolk, and give it another try this afternoon.

Well, 12 innings, home too late to pull off another 60 arrows today. Norfolk Tides vs. Durham Bulls. Tides 4 Bulls 3