6004 Words In One Educational Blog – I Failed to Pass the Test

I tried to read an archery blog. I failed.  It wasn’t that the writer isn’t a really great archer.  On top of being a first class shooter, he can write. He does just that in the article – he writes and writes and writes and writes some more.

It was exhausting.  No doubt the article is filled with sagely advice all to make me a better archer.  But, 6004 words?

I’m going on record, so there is no doubt I read a lot and have read a lot.  Much of what I’ve read would give you a migraine. From medical textbooks, law books, business books, and books on accounting I’ve read all sorts of books not considered a best seller. I’ve read bona fide medical, law and accounting journals.  Heck, I’ve even published my own manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.  Some of the most painful reading was proofing technical manuals on medical equipment. The point is – I read.

But, 6004 words on a blog site about archery? It almost made technical manuals seem like fun.  One article, 6004 epic words, on one topic. I couldn’t finish it. Yet, another flop it the pursuit of perfect placement of an arrow.

(Excluded these words the above is 199 words. Readable without necessitating a nap.)