83 Degrees, It’s Starting to Warm-Up

It’s 83°F here in Hertford. The temperature feels great. Not too hot and definitely not cold. This day, like most others, I’ve spent outside.


The day started with coffee taken on my dock.  In the mornings the wind coming off the river usually isn’t bad. Morning is the time of day I run then shoot at paper targets set up in my yard. By afternoon, the wind has generally increased; the yard shooting migrates into the woods where I have several 3D targets for practice.

Even though 83°F isn’t terribly hot, spending all day outdoors; I did run out of “TriFuel” a few times. It’s important to get into the practice of drinking right as the temperature begins to increase. It is probably a good habit to, as you gather your gear for practice or a tournament, make sure you’ve got the right hydration solution and the right amount.