A Bit on Our Camping / Archery Trip

A couple of weeks ago we were camped in Brevard, NC.  This was a stop on our way to Mt. Airy, NC where I’d compete on the NC ASA State Championship.  While I didn’t get to shoot in Brevard on this trip I did get to mountain bike and run.

Brenda enjoying the cooler temperatures of the mountains

Before either cycling or running Brenda and I took a road trip with out life long friend Ken.  Actually, we’ve been friends for 30 years and Ken is god-father to our children.  His wife, Dianne, passed away, and she was their god-mother.  Our daughter Candace and her daughter Cordelia both have Dianne’s name as their middle name.


I’ve ridden my bike on the Blue Ridge parkway a number of times.  But, until this trip I’d not run on the Parkway.

River having a Free Range run on the Parkway.

Running on the Parkway was a real pleasure for River.  There was no traffic and I was able to let her “Free Range” a bit.


The views were incredible and a run I was glad to have taken.

Brevard has some seriously good MTB trails

The run were easily matched by the mountain biking.  Ken took me on a trail that have on of the best downhills I’ve ever ridden.  My only regret is I didn’t have my GoPro on the bike.  Next trip, I’l have it.