A Brand New Bow

Since I began shooting I’ve shot Mathews bows. I’ve had two, both were slow bows, a Conquest Apex 7 and a ZXT. For indoor shooting the Apex 7 is a fine bow. The ZXT is a nice little hunting bow and the one I liked best for 3D. I don’t think either is any longer in production.

Having two dissimilar bows that shot so differently has rubbed me the wrong way for a while. What I felt like I needed was a bow that I could shoot inside and out. Something that would give my 26-inch draw length a bit more zing and an axil to axil length around 34 inches. I also wanted a bow that was lighter than my Apex 7.

For target shooting the conventional wisdom is to should shoot a heavy bow. The idea is that the bow is more stable. The Conquest 7 is 5 pounds without any attachments.   Other criteria included an 80% let off. The 65% let off with the Apex 7 was never as comfortable as the 80% of the ZXT.


Before buying a new bow I built a spreadsheet of the specs I wanted and bows that most closely matched those specifications. The bow I ended up with is the Elite 35. I’ve been trying to shoot it straight for the past two days.

The bow is definitely lighter than the Apex 7 and now I see I have a lot more sway. It is faster and my pin adjustments have been a pain in the rear. I haven’t yet tried the use my scope – there’s no real point until I get another yardage tape to paste on the scope after I’ve calibrated it. To amplify the aggravation I am shooting new arrows – the fancy ones that are those little nocks and rocket ship nose looking tips.

So close

To be fair, there’s a learning curve with anything new. Sadly, mine seems to have a very gradual slope.