A Few Practice Notes

Making notes and keeping data of my practice is important to me. Without measurements it seems very difficult to monitor change. Below is one example of data for 40 practice 3D shots. Both columns of practice session data where “cold” shoots. That is, there was no warm-up.

Some training sessions I do are as close to tournament conditions as I can make them. Competitive events have time allotted for warm-up shots. There are events, however, when the warm-up and the actual start of competitive shooting can be an hour or more apart – especially in major 3D events. Therefore, during 3D, I view warm-up as a time to see that my bow is functioning properly. Often by the first scoring shot there’s been an allowance for cooling down.

Anyway, here’s an example of some of the data I collect. The data is transferred to an Excel spreadsheet where additional information is entered.

A 40 target field data page