A Great Day to Play Outside

Yesterday the outside temperature was practically chilly compared to the previous days, the high was only 86° F. It was a great day to play outside.

Like most days it started with a run followed by shooting holes in paper. A couple of hours of practice out to 60 yards were all the time I’d planned for the morning.   For this practice I had a 3-spot pinned to my pile of worn out bag and block targets. I shot two arrows per target at 5-yard increments from 20 to 60 yards. If I shot any distance uncomfortably, I repeated the distance. Then, it was time to take a break.

There’s a coyote 43 yards away

Following lunch (and a nap) I headed out for a few hours of shooting foam. The shadows were perfect – they created all sorts of illusions and made judging distance a fun challenge.

This turkey is in shadows at 32 yards
Seriously, there’s a deer down yonder
Finally, out on the water

There was plenty of daylight left meaning ample time for a decent bike ride. The wind had picked up but that didn’t prevent a short couple of miles on the Little River in a 10 ft. kayak. The slight chop (about 1 foot waves) made for a bouncy ride in the small boat. My 17 ft. kayak would have sliced through the waves; the shorter boat was rocking and rolling.

Overall, yesterday was a great day to be outside. And, I didn’t lose a single arrow. or fall out of my boat.