A Little Better

Today’s 3D practice was just a little better than yesterday’s. The prior practice yielded an average points per arrow of 9.75.  Today the average was up by 0.85 points per arrow or 10.6 points per arrow.

While the increase in points seems good the kicker is the yardage was slightly less down from 34.3 to 32.4. At first glace it seemed like today’s yardage might have ended up closer to yesterday’s.  When I did the stats on today’s yardage I discovered the increase in score, 212 versus 195, is likely a result of the 1.9 yards on average closer to the targets.

Today the number of targets taken in the gap between pins was greater today.  Yesterday the distances that corresponded to pins was 14 out of 20.  Today, the pin alignment was good for 8 targets all others being in the gaps.

No matter it is nice to be able to go outside and shoot.