A Little Rain During Long Shot Practice

There was a little rain today adding to the challenge of long shot practice. It wasn’t a hard rain and practice wasn’t halted. Archery is shot rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, such as thunderstorms, the range is closed. But, a little rain or even a lot of rain doesn’t stop tournaments.

At 38-yards, straight in, and unobstructed, this isn’t a really difficult shot.
Shooting this pig at an angle was a bit tough from 42-yards

So, practice continued and things got a little wet. Not bad. With the rain there was some cooling of the heat we’ve been experiencing. The cooler temperatures seemed agreeable to the critters in the woods. There was a lot of movement in the trees and underbrush. Aside from squirrels and a rabbit the live animals remained hidden.

There was one snake that venture into my path, but it was harmless and we parted ways injury free.

No problem for either snake or archer