A Long Day

Some days at work are longer than others. Today was a long one. For me it meant an early meeting with a 5-spot. It was a short meeting only an hour. Then, my next two meetings were laps in the pool followed by weight lifting and it wasn’t even noon.

Noon meant a break for lunch. Brenda, my wife, who’d also been working out and I were by now starving. Yogurt with fruit and granola for breakfast does not last as long as bacon, eggs, grits, and biscuits. We stopped at Chick-Fil-A. We don’t do that often, but when we do I really enjoy their sandwich and cole slaw.

They’ve stopped making the cole slaw. I got lucky; the Chick-Fil-A in Elizabeth City still had some so I got it. They’d offered me something with kale in it. I laughed and offer them good luck with that.

Home, I took a 20-minute nap before starting my afternoon work. The afternoon began with more archery. This time shooting at known yardage out to 55 yards. That took about two hours and led to a run with my dog River. I’ve found if River doesn’t get in a run she wants to play in the house in the evening. Actually, any run less than 3 miles means I’m fair game for River all night.

The run led straight into a bike ride or a brick. When triathletes do a run/ride or ride/run in succession it’s called a brick. That’s pretty much how your legs feel, like bricks at some time during that activity.

You know, that’s not a bad day’s work and it sure beats sitting in an office.

2 thoughts on “A Long Day”

  1. Sitting in my “office” reading this. I think your’re right, especially about the Nap!
    Sorry to hear about your friend passing away, Prayers to you and his family.

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