A New Matrix

Three spots at 18-meters remains a tough call for me. Scoring a 600 shooting the inner ten continues to elude me. Nevertheless, things are improving. My goals for 18-meters have not changed. Currently, the intermediate goal is to shoot a constant 580 to 590. Once I land on 590 the goal will change.

Five-spot is another matter. I closed 2016 shooting an average of 296. In 2016 I was aiming for a 300. That changed once I began practicing on a 5-spot in 2017. Since 5-spot training began (for 2017) 300 is the only score. The problem is not 300 it is 60X. In practice, 50X has been common. You know, 50X, even with a 300 total, is an unlikely winner.

It’s not so much a problem; 60X is an attained objective. I’ve adjusted my data analysis to more closely monitor those 60X’s and what happens when I drop a few of them. It’s the new 5-spot matrix.