A Week’s Training Plan

Over decades of competing in cycling, running, and triathlon, I’ve put together a training schedule that works for me. It needed to be time sensitive because I was working – a lot. It also needed to be more sophisticated than go outside and run around until I’d had enough. The preparation time I spent on triathlons, cycling and running ranged between 8 hours and 20 hours per week.


Since retiring I have replaced “work” with archery on my calendar. Obviously, I can’t shoot all day, but I shoot about 4 hours per day. That leaves me time to train for cycling, running, and triathlons.


Because I’ve been asked, often enough to make me think there is interest, here’s an example of a week’s worth of my training plans. These are prepared in advance and based on tournaments and upcoming race. This is, in fact, for the week of April 17th – April 23rd. Not on this list are the specifics about the time spent in each activity. For example, swimming is only swim, where in reality the swim session is divided into sets of activities [i.e., 5-8 x 100 (:10RI) at T1 pace, 1:00RI – which you can see is irreverent to this post.]


Sunday:          AM archery, dots at 35 – 50 yards. 40 – 60 arrows

Mid-day, cycling, 2 hours moderate pace

PM archery, 3D, unknown/known yardage, 40 – 50 arrows

Monday:         Morning 1K swim, lift weights

Afternoon – 3D archery practice

Tuesday:        AM archery, dots at 35 – 50 yards. 40 – 60 arrows

PM archery, 3D, unknown yardage, 40 – 50 arrows

Run 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Wednesday:   AM archery, 3D, known yardage, 60 – 80 arrows

PM archery, 3D, unknown yardage, 40 – 50 arrows

Cycling – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Thursday:      AM archery, Indoor, 18 Meter, 60 – 80 arrows

PM archery, 3D, unknown yardage, 40 – 50 arrows

Swim 1 hour, mid-morning

Lift weights

Run 30 minutes

Friday:            AM archery, 3D, 20 – 45 yards. 20 arrows

PM archery, 3D, 20 – 45 yards. 20 arrows

Run 30 minutes

Cycling 1 hour

Saturday:       Archery – 3D tournament



The total training time, this week,  breaks down like this: archery @ 24 hours, multi-sport @12 hours, essentially a workweek. This doesn’t include the time on the range at Saturday’s tournament. You can see Saturday is somewhat like a rest day. The training varies, of course, with travel, race plans, and archery tournaments. Because I have “serious” racing on my calendar, the morning easy runs with River have been dropped. When I do run, she runs with me. There are times, early in the morning, she refuses to reason with me and I will join her for a short (1-2 mile) wake-up play run even though it might not be part of the plan. It’s all flexible. (And now I’m heading out for a ride.)