A Wild Small 3D Practice Range

I have a small four-target 3D range set up on the property across the road from our house. The property is my neighbors and he’s allowed me its use to practice. He’s a bow hunter and will naturally have the range when he’s in town. The land across the road dense and wild.


There’ve been times, in these woods, while shooting I thought having a broadhead equipped arrow would be smart. These woods are full of coyotes. Recently, a neighbor shot one in these woods – about 150 yards from my front door. There’s also a lot of deer. Furthermore, I’ve seen a turkey tracks and signs of pigs.


During practice, my second session of the day, it was obvious something had enjoyed lunch on the range. The remains of which weren’t on the course during my morning practice.

The blood on this wing was still wet

It’s nice to be able to walk into the wild and practice. Admittedly, at times, especially as the sun begins to fade this forest becomes just a little bit creepy. That when I wish I had more than a field tip equipped arrow.