A Word About My Sponsors

Obtaining sponsors is a bit of work. So far, I don’t have companies lining up at my door to offer me, well anything. That’s fine, I do have several companies that are providing various degrees of help. And, of course, I appreciate all of them.


Rudy Project has helped with shooting glasses. I’d been on racing teams that were sponsored by Rudy Project in cycling and triathlon. When I moved over to archery I contacted the person in charge of sponsoring athletes.


She was great and extremely happy and helpful. Sadly, she moved and her job has passed through two company representatives since she left. I have one more year before my contract runs it’s course and we’ll see what happens. I will note that I have multiple pairs of their glasses, sets of lenses, and two of their bicycle helmets.


BRL Sports Nutrition is also a company that supported me during my exclusive days as a triathlete. I do use their products on a daily basis for archery and endurance sports. I highly recommend the EPO Boost. You might enjoy TriFuel as a sports drink. It, too, is excellent for archery as well as endurance sports.IMG_3817

I wrote a few papers about their EPO Boost. I found that the product lived up to the company’s marketing claims. I am very pleased with BRL’s people and supplements.


60X Custom Strings is the biggest pure archery company that lends me a helping hand. I go through 4-5 strings per year and the arrangement we have is quite valuable to me. They’ve also provided me with one of their archery competitive shirts so now I have that “Pro Archer” look . The 60X shirt is cool and thankfully does not look like a bowling shirt.IMG_4610

They are the first company to offering me their marketing apparel. They also make very good strings and I trust their products. In other words, I’m not part of their team just for the promotional benefits 60X provides. I was using their products before I was on their staff. A former company representative got me connected and I remain a member of their team.


Flying Arrow Archery is a group that found me. Their marketing agent connected with me via social media, I think it was LinkedIn. I was impressed with his business sense and accepted a position based on our conversations. Since then I have used their Toxic Broadheads.IMG_0298

I also did a test to check the shooting variance of their Toxic compared to target tips. That information can be found under the Archery Research tab here.


TriDaves.com is my company. We sold soap and lip balm for endurance athletes. We’re not investing any more time into the business, simply because my partner and I don’t have the time and couldn’t find anyone to handle the business. We had developed a very nice scentless soap for hunters but never bothered to market it. Basically, we’re done with this one. Once I figure out how to do it (or hire someone who knows) I’ll delete TriDaves from this site.



Thus far, these are my sponsors. Thanks to all of you for your help.




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  1. Nice article, do you happen to have some of that lip balm left over I can buy? I would love to use some for training.

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