Already Time to Start Thinking About 2018

I’ll not be going to the ASA Classic or the IBO World Championships. I’ve not yet made it to the Classic. I have competed at the IBO World Championship three times, twice in amateur divisions once in a professional class. While either or both would be fun, my skill at 3D isn’t at a level to warrant the travel. To be fair, I have improved at 3D. My scores per arrow from 2016 through 2017 ranged from 8.9 to 10.4 with an overall average of 9.7 points per arrow. That’s not horrible, but it won’t even get me into the top 5 in my age group. It looks like an average of 10.4 points per arrow is the point where a road trip becomes a gentle risk.

My trips to the IBO have been awful. Each time I was in over my head. The first trip to Ellicottville, New York was an experience – only. I’d only been shooting for ten months. The second was actually better even though I shot horribly. The 2016 trip to Seven Springs was a nightmare. So, missing the IBO isn’t going to make me cry or lose sleep.

The Classic, well that’s another matter. That would have been fun even though I’d have to be on the high end of my scoring curve to do well. Hey, it could happen. It’s happened to you a time or two. You showed up at a 3D tournament and could smack a 12 with your eyes closed. It hasn’t happened to me yet. That is smacking a 12 with my eyes closed even though there were shots that got off when my eyes were closed.

It is time to start planning for fall and 2018. Many of these plans will include 18-meter practice and tournaments. Along those lines will be how far I am willing to travel to shoot. Naturally, as my 18-meter average improves the distance I’m ready to travel increases.

It’s a little sad not to be heading to Pennsylvania or Alabama in a few weeks. But, not all that sad. There’s always another tournament around the corner.