An Abundance of Nines

This was my 4th target of the day. I’d already shot up two 5-spots and another 3-spot. The 3-spot below pretty much is how my day went.

Sure there’s a ‘hopeful’ number of tens on this paper. There are also way too many nines. To be sure this is frustrating. The last 5-spot , with that seductively inviting large X-ring, was even more exasperating whenever I missed the X.

These misses, the nines, were sloppy rushed shots. You know that instant when the arrow is about to fly, your brain says no, your gut is hoping for a little luck. It’s already too late. You can’t hope for luck. You have to know without that mental debate over knowing that you are hitting the X.

Generally, I knew when I’d missed the ten before the arrow hit. In fact, I knew where the arrows were going to land the instant it released. That only makes some practice a bit more head bashing and aggravating than others.