Another Arrow Takes it in the Nock.

This afternoon I headed to the lot where the range is located. The plan was to shoot from 20 to 50 yards at 5-yard increments.   At each stake I’d shoot 6 arrows, beginning at 20 yards. When I reached 50 yards, I’d go in the reverse direction still shooting 6 arrows.

I changed my paper target to a single center X. This way I could measure my groups. The previous paper target had 6 Xs and it was hard to tell where I was having a problem and how to correct it. But shooting at the same point I thought I might get a feel for rights and lefts or ups and downs.

My first shot was a little low to my left. When I shoot to the left I regroup and manage my follow through. The next shot wasn’t dead center but hit the X. Giving it one more try, my third shot, landed exactly like the second shot.


After that shot, I began walking back and forth more frequently. Bonus, I saved one of the arrows.