Another Good Day in the South

It was a great day to be outside. The high temperature was 76°F and the humidity was low. It won’t last and winter will be here soon enough. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy fall and plan for winter.

When I awoke this morning there was no wind coming off the river. I made a breakfast of waffles and bacon then took this as opportunity to shoot holes into paper targets.   I saved my run for later in the morning.

That run would follow a swim and weight lifting. The swim was a bit of a bust. All the lanes were filled with folks whose vibe and thrashing style swim stay make sharing a lane unlikely. There were only four lanes being used. One third of the pool was reserved for “Family Swim.” With school in session not too many families are at the pool. Actually, there were no families at the pool.

There was one elderly lady floating in the third of the pool reserved for “Family Swim.” The Y had this portion of the pool blocked so that there was no possible way to swim more than 12.5 yard before swimming into a lane divider.

The elderly lady was sort of bobbing around in an area no more that a couple of yards circumference. She had 1/3 of the pool to bob up and down but needed only a few yards. When she finally completed her bobbing the lifeguard removed the lane divider and I was free to swim. Still, I’d lost 20 minutes waiting so my time was cut short leaving only enough for a kilometer swim before I needed to meet Brenda to lift weights.


After we finished lifting weight we both got on treadmills. This was my delayed morning run. I don’t enjoy treadmills, but they allow me to set a pace and hold it. Running outside is more fun, however I  daydream and before I know it my pace has slowed. You can’t do that on a treadmill.


Once Brenda and I got back to our home on the river we took our Carolina Skiff out for a spin. There are many little creeks that feed into Little River and they’re always fun to explore. We spent over an hour heading up one creek before returning to the main river and heading home.


I’d wanted to get back with plenty of time to shoot 3D. I got in another two hours of shooting before it was time to head in and start preparing dinner. Before I called it quits outside there was a shot I’d wanted to take and today I took it.

There’s a bear in them woods
IMG_4173 - Version 2
This is cropped from the above photo. If you look real hard you can just imagine seeing that bear target

I’d noticed that I could clearly see my cinnamon bear from the back yard. At 80 yards there was a shot. The worst that would happen is I’d lose an arrow. In fact, I didn’t lose the arrow and popped a 10. Like I said, it was a great day to be outside.




80 yards and on the line for a 10.

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    1. I used my range finder for this shot. You, of course, recognized the shot. Next time you’re here you might want to give it a try. Today, I lost an arrow, shot high, going for 100 yards.

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