Another Nice Spring Day

IMG_4820Here’s the thing – I can’t do any one single sport all day. For example, I can’t ride a bike all day everyday. Some people can – not for me. One to six hours on a bike is enough. I can’t shoot a bow all day. Unless I am taking a rest day or traveling, I shoot for several hours per day, but rarely over 4 hours in a day.


Yesterday, I did get in nearly four hours of archery practice. In addition, I ran for over an hour, 75 minutes to be exact. It wasn’t at a hard pace. It felt good. The combined sports training added up to less than 6 hours and the day had begun at 0600. There was plenty of time to get out on the water.


The Carolina Skiff that sits on my boatlift is a daily temptation. We’re out on the water year round. One of the nice things about living in the South is throughout the winter there are always a few days every month to get out on the water. Spring days with 78°F temperatures are even better than winter boating.