Another round with the wind.

My Mathews ZXT is in the shop. The cable rollers on the cable rod bit the dust. I’d purchased the bow in 2014. It was a leftover at a bow shop that had lost its Mathews dealership. I was surprised by this failure so soon.  The ZXT is, in my opinion, a lot more fun to shoot than my Mathews Conquest Apex 7. I shoot it a lot and parts do wear out.


Because my ZXT is gone for repair, tomorrow I’ll be shooting my Apex 7 in a 3D tournament.  I plan to use pins and needed to remove the pin sight from the ZXT and attach it to the other bow. This meant setting the pins on the Apex 7.

if I were in Maryland, I could have been doing this rather than fighting the wind here in North Carolina.

Par for the course, the wind here was relentless all day. Perfect weather for sailing but not perfect to sighting in pins. In order to get my yardage correct I used a tape measure rather than a range finder to set my distances. I marked the range at 5-yard increments from 20 to 60 yards. Even though I measured out to 60, I only set pins out to 50 yards.

From 50-yards, in this wind, I’ll take it for now. (That’s a fresh target – definitely not my first 3 shoots)

After 2 hours in the morning and another 2 hours in the afternoon (broken up with yard work) I think I’ve just about got the pins where I wanted them. Bonus, I didn’t miss the target once.