Avoiding a Chicken Grease Release

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing something I’ve needed to do since I started shooting. I’ve got a full time coach. He’s made a number of suggestions.  I listen and learn. One of his pointers was to relax the hand holding my release.

The shift in the way I hold my release wasn’t too difficult. I’d been gripping it with a lot of hand. Primarily, I was afraid of it slipping out. A friend of mine had this happen to him in a tournament. His support group, the Soggy Bottom 3D range group from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, blamed the mistake on improper wiping of his hands following a snack of fried chicken.

Sure, these guys are going to let a mistake go unnoticed.

Relaxing my release hand felt odd and definitely felt as if the release might do a chicken grease launch.  I’ll just have to be careful with finger foods while shooting.


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