Back in the woods getting a fix on yardage.

3 shots and one busted nock

I have a range finder. It provides fair estimate of yardage. At times I regret ever using one. It’s probably better to never use the gadget and learn to make the yardage measurement accurately without electronic support.

Well, that little ring is filled

Today, I didn’t use range finder. I think it can become a crutch. Using one all the time makes me feel less confident in my yardage assessment.

This little critter is beginning to show up a lot in 3D

Not using a range finder was a bit more fun than when I use one in practice. To make certain I wouldn’t become tempted, just to take a peek, the range finder wasn’t on the practice field.

I’d rather bust a nock than break a arrow
Dime sized center shots are tough

You know, I think I shot better without the ranger finder.

River pacing the distance for me. Sadly, I could not understand what she was trying to bark. Maybe she was barking, “It’s 47 yards” or “Give me a treat”