Back in Western Pennsylvania

We’re back in Pennsylvania for a week. We lived here, in Murrysville just east of Pittsburgh, for nearly five years. Our youngest daughter, Candace attended Chatham College in Pittsburgh where she earned her graduate and undergraduate degrees. While here she met her future husband and together they’ve given us three grandchildren, the most recent arrival bringing us back to the Keystone State.

On this trip we rented a house in West Middletown. The property is over 150 years old and where it lacks modern comforts it has a lot of basic charm. Plus, it accepts dogs.


Naturally I brought my archery and running gear. Once we arrived at the rental property I regretted not bringing a bicycle. The roads, aside from West Middletown’s “Main Street”, were wide open, held limited traffic and while great for running would have been perfect for cycling. By that, I mean I could have covered more ground on a bike and seen more of the landscapes.


Getting outdoors in western Pennsylvania has always, in my experience, been great. The terrain is quite different from coastal North Carolina. The Allegheny Mountains make running (and cycling) a challenge but it’s altogether worth the effort. A bonus is that I’ve found a nice place to practice archery and will be headed there soon.

IMG_0342 IMG_0347