Back on the 3D Range and Shooting at Birds

Since the IBO World Championships I’ve been shooting paper. For the most part, the 3D season is over and during the next several months I’ll be shooting indoors. Shooting 3D is good practice for hunting and there’s another 3D tournament where I’ll be competing in a few weeks. So, this morning I shot some 3D.

I’ve also changed my rig so that it has a scope and adjustable sight. I changed the center dot on the lens to a vertical pin. It’s great with the only issue – getting the yardage tape set. The tape is off a couple yards on the short side. A new tape and things should be right.

Being off a bit for a know distance, like 20 meters indoors, isn’t a big deal. Rather than setting the site to 20, I set it to 22. Not a problem. Shooting 3D with unknown yardage tape variance is more of a problem. Errors on the sight and off on the yardage estimate could combine to make a really bad shot. Not my problem today.

Today, most of my shots were fine, that is I was fitting a lot of 10s with a few 8s and a few Xs. The real screw up came when shooting a deer from 48 yards. Now, these are my targets and I know the range rather well. I mix it up and do a variety of practice exercise so I don’t become compliant with simple shots that I’ve repeatedly done.

Deer that I sailed an arrow over

But, when I shot at this deer from 48 yards I heard my arrow go popping and snapping through the woods. Naturally, I first thought was “What The F…!” I immediately hiked into the brush behind the deer and after a short search found the arrow. That was lucky.

Still, I had no idea how I’d missed so badly. Nothing was amuck with bow. Actually, the set up prior to the shot and the release felt good. I double checked the sight and herein was the heart of the matter. Twisting a sight to 58 yards, when shooting 48 yards is never a good thing. Unless you are, in fact, shooting at birds and you’re really lucky.