Better Than Expected – Thanks Black Eagle

Last week I discovered two arrows that had cracks in them. They’d never been shot. They were kept in a tube. They were without a doubt broken. The were Black Eagle Challengers.


They were two of a brand new dozen. I was disappointed. It turned out the discovery was made during the ASA in Augusta. Black Eagle had a booth there so I brought the arrows to their representative.

He promised the company would replace the arrows. He suggested the damge may have occurred in shipping since the cracks were in the same place on each arrow. Before I walked away he told me to send a message to their office regarding this matter. He had already altered the home office of the problem. I left him the arrows and to be honest figured that would be the last I’d ever hear about the broken arrows.

Once home I sent an email to the folks at Black Eagle explaining what had occurred in Augusta. Today, via priotiy mail I received the two replacement arrows and an additional ten arrows.


I’ve been debating a new dozen arrows for the USA Outdoor National Championships. When I order my arrows they will be one of the Black Eagle models.

You know, there is something to be said about a company that treats customers the way Black Eagle has treated me. Thanks!