Cashing in on a Guarantee- Or Not

When I can afford it I duplicate my archery equipment. It would be a sad thing to be in a tournament and have some piece of gear fall apart and be stuck without a second. You’ve probably noticed the Big Dogs in our sport frequently have two bows at a tournament.   An easy product to have two of is the release. Granted these aren’t cheap, but I’ve thought it might someday pay off  to have a back-up.

I have one hinge release I like a lot. The price for a new one on Amazon ranges from $132.09 to $241.37. (Exact same product and model number). At Lancaster Archery it lists for $139.00. So, it is not a cheap product. I don’t reminder what I paid. But, I like it so much I bought a second – just in case.

The device comes with a “Can’t Beat it” guarantee. The company promotes that “If the XXXXX release requires repair, for any reason, we will fix or replace it – no questions asked.”

My original one began slipping. The release point seemed to have shifted. I pulled the second out of its package, and sure enough, the release point had changed on the orginial. I did my best to re-calibrate the older release. I failed. Relying on the stated guarantee I wrote the company for help.

I didn’t want much from the company. Heck, I’d pay for a repair. All I asked was if they could get the hinge release point back to factory specs. After two attempts to get help I threw in the towel.  Some things piss me off. Not responding to customers or backing product labeling are among those things.