Circling the X

Before I start getting down to business during archery practice I take several warm up shots. These help get muscles ready and verify my pin sight is on track.

I shoot at paper in the morning since the wind coming off the Little River generally picks up in the afternoon. During the afternoon I practice 3D in the woods where the thick trees and foliage help to block the wind.

Typically I am pretty loose after a few shots. For the most part these are not my “wow” shots of the day. Today started with a number of duds.

While warming up I shoot for the same point. This lets me discover any obvious blemishes on my part. My first four shots missed the mark at each arrow. Clearly, two up to the left and two down to the right – it was me.


The next couple moved a tad closer to the X but remained off target.

Still no but closer

The final two hit the line around the X but both missed center. It was beginning to look as if I’d drill arrows in a circle around the center X. Not my intention.

OK, on the line, I can start

Some days the arrows seem to flow and others it takes awhile to get into a groove. This morning it took about an hour before I gained focus and started hitting where I’d intended.