Cold and Rain

I can take the cold or I can take the rain, but I can’t take the cold and rain. In the past, I’ve been in situations where training or competition ended up occurring in some nasty weather.

Setting up to practice indoors

Once, during a frigidly cold cycling training ride of 60 miles it began to snow. The snow and ice gathered on my gears and brakes making it impossible to change gears and nearly impossible to stop. There were times when I had a second home in Cleveland where to get a ride in I used a mountain bike and slid around in the ruts left from cars. At a triathlon, up north, the air temperature was 48°F and the water temperature was 50°F. Believe me, jumping into a 50°F lake then jumping out and onto a bicycle in 48°F is not fun. Honestly, I couldn’t feel my feet until I was 3 miles into the run. After that arctic triathlon I began setting limits. Archery is no exception.

It might look sunny and warm, but it wasn’t!

It was cold, raining and windy and I wanted to shoot. Shooting from my shed doesn’t help much in the rain.  I still have to go out and pull arrows. Fortunately, I could drive to Elizabeth City and practice indoors.

That worked out pretty good. A few wild shots.