Cold Feet While Shooting 3D

This morning, after working out at the YMCA in Elizabeth City, I drove over to PGF Archery and Outdoors to practice inside.  The weather has been rough here in New Hope for the past several days.  Being able to take a break from cold, snow and ice seemed like a good idea.

Stil a tad on the cold side here

Things inside didn’t do so well.  All I could shoot were nines with a rare 10 and one seven.  While not a real excuse, after I lift weights and go directly into archery my shots are off.  This morning, my shots were definitely off. No sweat, I’d get back to shooting after lunch.

Despite a Southern wet cold – it is hard to stay indoors

I did that – I got back to shooting after lunch.  Pretty much the same deal; shooting a 3-spot. Arrows were landing all over the place.  So, I decided to take a break from shooting at 3-spots and head over to the 3D range.

You’ll get wet feet shooting outside in these conditions

Now, the afternoon practice was pretty much the oppose of the morning session when it came to comfort.  That is, it was cold, icy and wet.  I’d worn rubber boots to keep my feet dry.  The boots succeed in keeping my feet dry, but after an hour or so, I couldn’t feel my toes.

Gloves helped prevent cold hands – this Apex 7 was cold

Taking a short break, I when inside to thaw my feet and try another pair of boots.  These were less waterproof but insulted. They did the trick.

This little target has room for 1 arrow in the center ring. Shooting it first in a group is the place to be.
I was able to just fit two arrows into the center ring of this little bobcat

Wearing the improved heat holding cold blocking boots, I spent another hour out on the 3D range.  It was cold and I shot wearing thin gloves.  The bow selected for 3D was not my Elite with the scope, rather a Mathews Apex 7 with pins.

Plenty of room for arrows in this bear

I have not spent much time with pins in a few months.  Not since my last deer hunt. You know, shooting fixed pins is a whole lot of fun – even in the cold.

I bought this old bird used – it’s going to need another repair soon