Concentrated Practice

The mean distance was 41.8 yards. Seven of the targets were 45 yards or greater, there were 20 targets total. The shortest shot was 35 yards, the longest 50. I ended up shooting 189.

What I learned from the practice is that I needed more work on a bear and a turkey at distance. I was also not doing so great on a buck deer at greater than 45 yards.

These notes helped me determine where I needed to concentrate my next practice
Shoot more than one arrow at the same point on a target and this is bound to happen

An effort to improve meant concentration on the turkey, deer, and bear. Rather than rely on a range finder or my judgment I took a tape measure and staked yardage from 20 to 50 yards on each. Then I shot 4 arrows at distances of 20, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 yards for each target. To break things up I also shot my bobcat and mountain lion. The mountain lion had bright rays of light streaming over it – too tempting to pass. The bobcat was completely shadowed. To difficult to pass without some practice.

Seventy-five percent of the shots were 10s. It helped knowing the distance. The others were a mix of 11s, 8s, and 5s. Tomorrow, I’ll do another long yardage practice in the morning to see of this exercise paid off.