Cutting Practice in Half

Each week I develop a training plan. That week includes a rest day. That day isn’t always on a 7-day cycle. Occasionally, I add an active recovery day and bump out the day off by three days.

There are also days when I know, from years of experience, that I’m pushing the envelop of fatigue. Today is one of those days.

It is just as hard not to get on a bike and ride in the afternoons as it is not to shoot. Took this picture on my ride yesterday.

I felt it beginning last night. After a league shoot I came hope and felt more tired that usual. Walking up stairs I noted my legs were sore. This morning after stretching, running and shooting I didn’t recover as fast as usual. It is time to take an afternoon off.

That means no cycling and no more shooting for today.

Just shy of 100 arrows I called it a day and skipped the afternoon practice

There are times when you know you need a break. It is mentally hard not to practice. What goes through your head is that someone else is getting an edge on you. That’s not the case. Still it is a tough call to rest especially when things are going well.