Dang Rain

Rain, rain go away, come again – at night

It rains, it stops. I grab my bow; shoot a few arrows and it rains again. It’s probably time to call it quits for the day.

The new string required some adjustment to the elevation

It’s not easy to not shoot. There’s a new string on the bow. I’d droven to PGF Archery in Elizabeth City, NC with my new string and bow stripped of sight and stabilizers – prepared to leave there. It turned out, even though the shop was packed and busy, Jay, a competitive archer and expert bow technician, was able to expertly change the string while I waited. I was eager to get home and test the bow. Alas, the rain has chased me in, again. Of course, now that I’m typing, the rain has stopped. (Nope, here it comes, again.)

Our local archery supply shop in Elizabeth City.