Day Two of Analyzing 3D Stats

A statistical analysis of my scores during practice on Wednesday revealed, as anyone might expect, that the further away from the target the lower the score. So, on Thursday, again,  I increased the overall distance for practice.

This buck is at 50 yards

Judging yardage isn’t a problem. The difference between what my range finder measured and my eyeball was only 1.6 yards. This was slightly better than Wednesday’s difference of 1.8 yards per target. However, today’s score over 20 targets dropped 5 points to 165 or down to an average of 8.25 points per target. That is a decrease of 0.25 pointers per target.

The primary variable that seems to be associated with the decrease is score is distance. The average distance per target was 35 yards on Thursday, where the average distance on Wednesday was 31.8 yards.

Mountain lion at 45 yards

Essentially, the further away from the target the lower my score. However, at a maximum distance of 50 yards, center shots are not all that difficult. In fact, if I exclude the two fives for distance greater than forty yards; my average is 8.8 (including an 11 – IBO center shot score – at 48 yards).

These shots were from 28 (front – 11) and 24 (side – 10) yards.

Interestingly, the average score per target at a distance not greater than 35 yards is 10.3; my early summer average when the maximum distance I shot was 40 yards. Since I’ve begun competing at distance out to 50 yards max there has been a drop in points. With practice and patience and that too will improve.

(All shots using a 7-pin sight and short stabilizer)