Days of Going Backwards

For periods of time I have specific goals for archery. For example, a previous goal was to shoot 570 or better. Before that it was 560 or better, on a 3-spot. For a 5-spot it had been to score a 300, now it is 60 Xs.

A 3-spot has a smaller X-ring. The current goal of 580 means an average of 2 out of every three arrows is an X and the remainders are 9s. Of course, an 8 means more Xs to compensate for the point lost. But, I try to shoot at least 2 out of 3 Xs and the remainders are 9s.

Certainly, 60X on a 3-spot is a longer-term goal. It has been done. For me, I’ve never hit 60X on a 3-spot or a 5-spot. I’ve come close on a 5-spot, but it remains illusive.

Today, practice was not what I wanted it to be regarding my X count on a 3-spot. Having come back from a break that was longer than I’d intended my accuracy is a tad off the mark. Not horrible, but I’m not where I was before the break.

The break was extended by life. We had a relative expire and needed to head back to Georgia in a rush. To top it off Hurricane Irma reached Atlanta, where the service was held, on the day of the service. The relative was a sister-in-law whose family hails from Connecticut. They didn’t seem all that concerned with a hurricane. We live near the Outer Banks and both my wife and I are from Savannah, GA. We have a different respect for hurricanes.  At any rate, practicing archery has been on a back burner.

Yep, this is things rolled this morning.

Today, shooting didn’t improve. It didn’t get much worse other than shooting an 8 and not enough 10s. The X mark right now, as it has been since we returned, has been just out of reach.

All athletes have similar days. Whether it is track and field, triathlon, or archery, there are times that one seems to be going backwards. These past few days I’ve felt like I’ve gone backwards. Still, I aim to put each arrow into the X, do it over and over and realize this too will pass.