Dealing with funky coastal weather

The weather has been, well typical of coastal North Carolina. One day freezing, the next warm, then rain, then back to freezing. In a few days, the prediction is clear and nearly 70. When is comes to practicing archery, there’s a lot of inside, outside, and at times running for cover.

Thankfully, we have an indoor range a short drive from where I live. In the mornings the range is typically empty. When I show up, I have it to myself. A bit boring, but the advantage is I have the range to myself.

Again, all to myself

When its real cold, I shoot from inside a shed and out toward my target. The shed has a gas heater and there’s a four-legged companion to encourage me. I’ve thought about bringing her, River, to the indoor range. River loves archery. But, she’d probably get banned.

River is constantly assessing my work

Over the winter I’ve been shooting a lot of spots. This is the time of year where there are a fair number of indoor tournaments that are within easy driving.  So, like many others, I shoot at dots and wait for 3D.

Today I learned of an indoor 3D tournament just up the road. I’ve shot there before and the lighting is not so great. Using a scope, for me, ends up being an activity that’s purely guesswork when it comes to aiming. So, I changed out my bow, set it up for hunting and decided to enter the bow hunter class. I can illuminate the pins and hopefully that will help.

A good reason for pin nocks. Busted this one checking my bow after I switched sights. But, saved an arrow or two.

Along the bow change, I headed out to the 3D range this morning and afternoon. It was apparent I hadn’t practiced 3D since December 15th. I’d have practiced more but, it started to rain and I had to sprint for cover. What can I say, it will be spring soon and I’ll be contending with mosquitos and ticks when I’m in the woods.