Done in by the Wind

Man, I am hurting today. The race yesterday left me with major delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS – yes that’s the real acronym). Getting out to shoot wasn’t easy. Next weekend will be harder. Friday night is an indoor 3D shoot, Saturday afternoon a 5K race, and Sunday morning another 5K.

The weather didn’t cooperate, either. The wind was kicking up white caps on the river and it was unseasonably cold. My practice plan for archery (you can bet I was taking a day off from running) was to take aim at a Vegas style 3-spot. When I stepped outside there was no hiding from the wind.

This was a fresh 3-spot. Yep, all over the place.

My ‘go to’ wind break is to stand behind a shed, which I did. My back was about two feet away from the shed and still the wind was pushing me from behind. Shooting at 20 yards wasn’t possible unless I moved my entire target five yards closer to the shed. After a muscle aching deliberation, I decided to shoot from 25-yards.

For 45 minutes what seemed to be a swirling gale bounced me about. Cold, frustrated, and sore I figured today was a rest day and retired to more Sunday football.