Down to Eight

I start getting nervous when the arrow count falls below nine. I had a dozen. Two of them got cracked hitting something hard inside a 3D target. One was wasted on a Robin Hood. This morning another was ruined with a Robin Hood. I am now down to eight heading into two more days of practice before the ASA Pro/Am in Augusta.

The most recent ruined arrow happened at 25 yards. I was getting a bit worried about losing an arrow to another accident. There were only ten more shots left on the morning’s practice plan. It was hot, heading up to the low nineties, and I was starting to slow down.

I’d run earlier before the sun was too high, out on hard pack with River. I’d unloaded a truck and it time to practice archery. As the heat had become more intense I was clearly slowing down. Still, shooting three arrows at one point and two at another, I figured with it being hot, having been moving and working for hours it should lower the odds of another Robin Hood. Out of caution I shot at two of the targets my father-in-law keeps on his practice range.

When I heard the sound I thought, “Please just be arrows smacking.” Nope.

During 3D competition one arrow is frequently all that’s needed. Still, someone occasionally breaks another archer’s arrow or fletching gets shot off. I worry about being the guy on the losing end of those types of deals. I rather have more and not need them than have less and need more.