End of a scheduled break

Today is the end of a rest period. That means I haven’t picked up my bow in four days. Frankly, I needed the break. In all sports athletes need to make certain that rest periods are included in training.

I do the same for running, swimming and cycling. With a race on Saturday I am tapering a little for that event. As part of that taper I’ll run 3 easy miles this afternoon. On Tuesday I won’t run, Wednesday will be speed work in the form of intervals, then short easy running on Thursday and Friday. But, for archery – I truly needed the break.

Shooting twice a day for months on end can wear down joints and muscles. Granted, I make sure I have rest days throughout my training. However, four days in a row was the longest break I’ve had in months. Believe me, it wasn’t easy.

1st shot a little too high, 2nd a little too low, 3rd just right

By the end of my scheduled break I was more than eager to get out shoot. I was a little off, but not much. We have a storm off the coast and the winds have been steady at 25 mph. In order to shoot I had to ‘hide’ behind a shed. I still got pushed around a bit but did fair at 35 yards. Any closer or further from the target and I was standing in a wind tunnel.