Everyday Is Not Equal

It doesn’t matter the sport, whether running, cycling, triathlon or archery, some days are better than others.

Coaching tip

Jack Nicklaus, during an ESPN interview, pointed out that during golf competition every player is subject to making a mistake.  He added, “I know I’ll make a mistake, what matters is how I recover from that mistake.”

When you performance below what you expect it might be easy to stop and try again later.  In archery, during a tournament, that is not an option. Neither should it be during practice.

What matters is how you can bring your practice up to your standard.  Before practice you’ve reviewed your goal for that session.  However, within a few arrows it seems clear you’ve gone off the rails.  That is not a reason to put down your equipment and call it quits.  Neither is it a time to become angry or frustrated.

Off to a good start that didn’t last long.

Instead, go through your process, clear your mind of your specific goal while continuing to reset your practice toward that specific practice goal.  While you may not achieve the goal with success you wanted you might come closer to reaching it than you’d have thought.

Working though a difficult practice can be beneficial.  If you compete enough you will have times where you’ve gone off the rails.  Having experienced this in practice you’ll be better handling such an occurrence should it happen in a tournament.