Feeling the Burn

Practice was rough, today. It started on a sour note. It soured while shooting a 5-spot. Since August 3, 2017 I have not hit a blueberry. Today, during the first round (60 arrows after a 5 arrow warm-up)) shooting a 5-spot I hit blue twice.

I ended up with only 42 Xs. The X count has been my primary metric for 5-spot practice. It was a sad day when I hit blue twice and scored 42 Xs. The second round of 5-spot practice nothing in the blue but could only manage 40 Xs.

Finally, 3-spot practice was just as weak. For this final round of work 60 arrows would be enough. No warm-up; I was plenty warm. That led to a conclusion with just 22 Xs and the rest of the shots nines leaving a final score of 562, eight points below my minimum-scoring objective.

Things started out promising

Archery practice is more difficult than most people realize. Physically, the effort to hold a 6.2 bow steady over and over can certainly build up a burn along deltoids, levator scapulae, splenius capitis, rhomboid, and to some extend trapezius muscles.

Not only do these muscles feel the burn, hand muscles and abdominals are not immune to long archery practice sessions.

But, it is not the muscles that wear out – it is the brain. Working to clear the head of everything and letting the shot happen becomes an effort. After hours of shooting any little distraction takes on significance. There is no choice, practice has to continue.

Why? Well, it makes you better in the long run.

So, today wasn’t great. Yesterday was better. Tomorrow could be worse, but down the line there will be that excellent day.

2 thoughts on “Feeling the Burn”

  1. Kevin Costner, in “love of the game”, a baseball movie, always said to himself before throwing a big pitch, “clear the mechanism”. Things always got quiet and he threw a strike! That is all you have to do!

    1. If it was only like the movies. Actually, it is close. What I say to myself is less sophisticated. “Put the dot in the middle, shoot the dot.”

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