Finding “The Archer’s Edge” During a 10 Day Trip

View from our rental property

We just completed a 10-day road trip. Our youngest daughter, Candace, had her third baby on Mother’s Day. They live in Pittsburgh; we live in Hertford, NC and Easton, MD. We were in NC when she had the baby so we drove to Pennsylvania from our coastal home in Hertford.

For the Pennsylvania trip we rented a house, a 150-year-old place, in West Middletown, twenty-three miles from where our daughter lives. An advantage is that West Middletown is a small rural town so there was plenty of open space to run. If I’d had more time to plan I might have brought a target to shoot. As it turned out, I did find “The Archer’s Edge”, an archery shop that has a nice indoor range.

Inside The Archer’s Edge in Oakdale, PA

The Archer’s Edge was only 8.5 miles from my daughter’s home. Still, Pittsburgh traffic makes it a tedious excursion. It was, however, worth the driving effort.

Having the range all to myself

When I travel I am always looking for a tournament, race, or new place to shoot. Sadly, I’d missed a race, a 5K, that ran right past Candace’s house. I would also miss a number of great shoots, but I did get over to the Archer’s Edge twice during the week.

Jeff Falconer, archer and USA Archery Coach

At the bow shop I had the range to myself once and once shared it. I also met Jeff Falconer a top archer and USA Archery Coach. He’s traveled with the USA team to places like China and Turkey. He is an interesting guy and it would have been nice to have spent more time talking with him. But, grandkids were waiting so I kept my time away to a respectable limit.