First Hard 3D Practice in A While

The local gossip suggested there was an indoor 3D tournament in Elizabeth City on Friday night.  I picked that bit of trivia up on Thursday afternoon. It seemed like a reasonable rumor. Naturally, I was in and would need to prepare.  Lately, the focus of practice has been 18-meters.

First 2 warm-up shots; I stopped while I was ahead.

I figured on Friday I’d get ready for 3D.  A few minutes of warming up and out to the 3D range for a days work.

The 3D tune-up started with short shots then working to a maximum distance of 50 yards with a concentration on 20 to 35 yards.  The greatest distance on a target for the alleged Friday competition is around 32 yards. At least that was the case when I last shot there.

First arrow at 20 yards.

I started practice on a bear at 20 yards and backed it up to 50 yards.  There would be no 50 yard shots on Friday night, but 50 yards is such a fun shot.

Nope that second arrow is only 35 yards.

The range where the event was going to be held has a lot of smaller targets.  So, I spent ample time on my small targets. There are a few turkeys on every 3D range and it is likely two would appear for the main event later in the evening.

This turkey at 35 yards is a nice shot with enough stuff between the stake and bird to make it interesting.
I’ll take these whenever I can get them

Focusing on small targets, I have my fair share – they’re inexpensive – I spent extra time on a bobcat.  The bobcat’s rings are impossible to see.  Trying to figure out the geometric arrangement of the rings, spots and rocks is a brain buster.

The 12 is just below the 2nd and 3rd dot, closer to the 3rd, about 6 inches down and 4 inches above the rock. Or, X= [(D2 / D3 – 6) + 4]/r
The truly exciting target was a new one – saved for the last. I’ve been wanting a javelina to add to my foam menagerie. The perfect spot had been prepared on a downed tree to await its mount.  In 2016 javelinas standing on trees 40 – 50 yards from the stake seemed to be standard.  The issue with a javelina is the price.  It is really expensive.

I found a small pig instead.  It was about a third the price and almost the exact same size.  Maybe I’ll get some paint and touch up this small black pig up to make it look more like a javelina.

My javelina/pig standing on a tree in the shadows. (All black targets suck light from their surroundings. It’s a law of physics. If you stick a black target on an open field it will create a small black hole.)
A closer view of the pig. If you look just right it is almost a javelina.
Inaugural shot – a 12. I was thinking javelina (It’s one of my favorite targets)

It was a good day on the 3D range.  Three hours in the morning 2 hours in the afternoon.  I was done by 4PM with time to rest before the tournament.

Then, I got a feeling that perhaps I should double check the facts regarding the shoot.  Sadly, I couldn’t confirm the event so I did not drive into Elizabeth City. I’m not a gambler.  Plus, I’d be embarrassed showing up at a private event having not been invited. No worries, I’d probably left all my good shots on the practice range.

On the practice range I did have some good shots.  The distances were from 15 yards to 50 yards.  At each target I guessed the distance then verified it with a rangefinder. As I mentioned I’d not done serious 3D practice in a while and didn’t want to play hunt the arrow.

In most cases the rangefinder closely matched my estimate for yardage.  To be fair, it’s my range and I’ve been shooting on it for over a year, so I know the distances.  When there was a variance, it was close enough that I leaned toward my estimation.

The result was pleasing with an average score of 10.53 per shot.