Four Days

The past several days have been busy.  I shot in one 3D tournament and competed in two bicycle races. Then, I drove from Hertford, NC to Tignall, GA.

I haven’t done a pure cycling race in decades. I’ve done a lot of triathlons and duathlons. But, no pure cycling races in a very long time. A friend convinced me to enter a bike race so I did. Then, another guy I know talked me into a second race. Both were time trials so I wasn’t too worried about crashing.

In both I did pretty good, talking two second places. And after each race, there was no running to follow. I’ve got a dualthon and a number of triathlons in the near future so I’ll get the post-bike run during those events.

I wish I’d shot as well as I rode my bike, but I didn’t. I ended up 3rd in the archery tournament despite having my best 3D score of the season.

River wearing my cycling medals while holding the ribbon in her mouth. This was her idea not mine. I really have no idea why she does this.

There are runs, triathlons, and other events where all an athlete needs to do is cross the finish line to get a medal. Archery and cycling don’t give out finishers’ awards. Heck, in cycling and archery you can’t expect to get any swag so don’t even plan on a t-shirt. But, you can earn a medal or cash if you do well enough. And if you have a medal crazy dog, like River, that furry friend will model the goods.