When I finished practice this morning the temperature had climbed to 44°F from 37°F. Half way through practice I stopped, hiked back to the house, went inside, thawed, added more and thicker clothes and headed back out. The temperature had risen a little and was outmatched by the increase in wind. Convective heat loss is heartless.

I know some of you archers who live north of the Mason-Dixon line laugh at a windy 37°F. You’ll be outdoors at that temperature taking selfies to post of fresh snow while barefoot, wearing short pants and a tee shirt. I applaud your grit and wish you speedy recovery from your pneumonia.

By the time I finished practice I felt like the Michelin Man. I was wearing many puffy layers. Five layers up top to be exact: short sleeved undershirt, long sleeved undershirt, running insulated top, down filled vest and a jacket. The bottom half, an error in thermoregulation, consisted of jeans, socks and boots. Tomorrow morning I’ll be sporting long johns.

For my head and ears I done right. An Elmer Fudd hunting hat – flaps down. Hands are another matter. I’d ordered hand warmers from Amazon. They hadn’t arrived. When I mentioned the warmly anticipated order to my wife, Brenda, she corrected me. Turns out I never ordered them. I’d put them in the cart and forgotten to click order. (I placed the order after coming in from yesterday’s morning practice. I suppose my brain was still in a hypothermic state.) No, I’d not clicked the order and Brenda cleared the cart.

I can wear a glove on my bow hand, which I did. It is thin and doesn’t provide much insulation. The hand that holds my release just freezes.

Yesterday, during the Georgia versus Auburn football game my son-in-law showed me his outdoor propane portable heater. With it running I stood next to it. It was pretty good. When I return to Amazon today to actually order those hand warmers that propane heater will also make it to the cart. Just have to remember to click the order.