Fun Run With River and Coco

It is with regularity that you can read on this site about more than archery. There are frequent posts about other sports and events. These can include running, swimming, cycling and weight lifting.

Those topics are covered because being fit is better than not being fit.  Loads of medical and scientific research points to fitness and health being strongly related.  But, does improved fitness improve archery performance?

“To many people, archery is not usually seen as a sport requiring high levels of fitness, however archers need to attain a certain level in many aspects of fitness to allow them to perform the action of shooting with accuracy and be able to repeat the actions without fatigue. With high fitness levels the archer can shoot with greater intensity and frequency during training, and to shoot without fatigue during competition. A successful archer requires good vision, hand/eye coordination and balance, flexibility, strength, aerobic fitness and low body fat level.”1

Starting a run with River (in the background)

Aside from the potential health benefits there is the potential to shoot better for longer if efforts are made and maintained to become and stay physically fit.  There are other benefits to fitness one of the major ones being fun.

On the path home, now with River and Coco.