Get Outside and Play

I write a lot about ‘playing’ outside.  It is my opinion that too many people are not giving themselves time to enjoy the outdoors.  There are times when I notice others outside and to my dismay I see them typing away on cell phones. That’s crazy!

View from my morning run

I own a cell phone.  It’s primary function is to take pictures and play audiobooks.  Nearly every picture on this site was taken with my cell phone.  I listen to audiobooks when I run.  I don’t always have audiobooks on while running.  But, for those long out and back runs it’s a good way to learn something new.  Most of the audiobooks I listen to pertain to sports, history or science.

But, I am outdoors everyday regardless of the weather.  I’ll spend hours practicing archery outside even on the days where I add an indoor session to my training.

A little snow and cold is not a barrier to being outside

No one can shoot all day.  When I take breaks, I find there are plenty of other activities that keep me outside.

Need a break, take a boat ride

When I worked, I found time to get outside.  Before work I ran or rode a bike.  Travel didn’t keep from fresh air.  I found a great way to experience a new city or country was to get outside and run.  I even have a Bike Friday that I traveled with so I could ride.

You know, an hour or so playing outside is a great way to refresh yourself. I’m fortunate in that my work paid off and I can spend a maximum of time doing outdoor activities.  But, you can find the time – so do it for yourself.