Getting a Feel for a Scope and Yardage

Learning to shoot 3D using a scope and adjusting for the yardage is more difficult than I’d anticipated. Last year I shot with pins. Over the 2015 season my average score per arrow was 9.61 in 3D. Thus far, 2016 scores are lower, 8.3 points per arrow.

During the winter I stopped using pins to practice 3D. I was shooting a lot of 3-spots preparing for Lancaster and the USA Indoor National Championships. It was a slight pain to switch my equipment from pins to a scope each time I switched target styles So, I kept the scope and long stabilizers on the bow.

Using pins, I’d learned to estimate yardages for 3D. If I felt the 30-yard pin was the one to use, I used it. Then I’d aim a little high or low between pins to hit at 27 yards or 32 yards. There was a sort of feel for the yardage.

There is a calibration on my scope where at 30 yards, I hit 30 yards. The same for 20, 40, 50, 60 etc. It’s calibrated down to the yard. The problem is with 3D I need to set the yards. If I am off, well I’m way off.

The way off shot last week was misjudged by 10 yards. Major brain fart. That’s not to suggest I was never off or missed a target using pins – I did, often.  But, not so far off as with the scope.

Learning to judge yardage using a scope, in my early experience, is less forgiving than using pins. Still, it is a lot easier than changing my bow around twice a day for different types of practice.

Well, one arrow survived.

Then there are those days where it seems to come together.