Getting a New Sight and Setting the Pins

We’ve just returned from a 10-day road trip. During the excursion we stayed in Brevard, NC, Tignall, GA and Savannah, GA. Brevard was a true vacation and we enjoyed 5 days of adventures and festivities. Tignall was to celebrate the 4th of July with family, and we made an overnight jaunt to Savannah to see my mother. During all of this I didn’t get to practice as much as usual.

To compound the lack of practice the day before I left I changed sights on my bow. The pin sight I’d been using was fine, however, I wanted to change to a sight that was easily removed. I selected one the same company’s products only this sight slides on and off making it easy to switch to a scope.

35 Yards

Setting a new sight is a tedious process, at least for me. In Brevard I shot a bit on the block target I carried on vacation, but wasn’t yet on par with the pins. In Tignall I did more practice more adjustments and still wasn’t right where I wanted to be with the alignment.

Twenty yards was fine, twenty-five even better than before. Thirty yards was making me crazy. Thirty-five yards was only exacerbating my craziness. Forty was fine but 45 wasn’t so fine.

Today, the clicks and twists were beginning to make a bit more sense. The short shots, 20 to 30 yards were clicked in so I backed up. Thirty-five yards worked fine. But the better test would begin at 40 yards.

View at 40 yards

The first short at 40 yards was low to my right. The second was acceptable, as was 45 yards. Fifty yards felt great and my second shot at 55 was on the money.

First shoot was a little off at 40 yards, the second was good
View at 50 yards

Tomorrow, I’ll head back out to re-test my adjustments. Next, I’ve got to re-set my scope. These activities take time and I’d rather just shoot. But, it has to be done.