Going back to Wildcat Archery in Pooler, GA

After an adventure with pirates and a road race in Savannah this trip is all about archery. Near Savannah in Pooler is Wildcat Archery. The owner, Bill Henneman, opened his business over 20 years ago. When his doors first opened they lead into a shed on his property. Today, his shop is one of the nicest ones around and has an indoor range.

Wildcat Archery in Pooler, GA

While in Savannah, I made the short trip to Pooler to shoot on that indoor range. It was a side trip of which I was looking forward. Wildcat Archery is the first place I’d ever competed on an indoor range. I remember not having a clue, hoping that I’d hit my target and not put an arrow in the ceiling. It was scary, but I did my best to follow the crowd.

Indoor range

Arriving at Wildcat Archery, Tony and Steve were there working. I’d met both of them on my two prior trips to Wildcat. I remembered them; they had no recollection of me or at least gave no indication of such.


What I wanted most was to shoot on their range. Another archer, Kyle, was already there practicing. Kyle was maybe 10 years old. He was shooting from 20 yards while his dad watched from a stool about 10 feet away. Kyle is good.

Kyle shot a 3-spot that was arranged vertically. Each end he fired, while I was on the range, consisted of 5 to 6 arrows. His arrows were always in the yellow and with each end he placed 2 to 3 in the X. He was extremely well mannered and apparently has never met a stranger. I can’t help but wonder how far Kyle may go in archery.

While we pulled arrows I asked him about archery and whether he competes. He answered he does compete but thus far only in 3D tournaments. He’d won his last tournament and hit seven 12’s.

I’d brought my hunting rig with me, a Mathews ZXT, 8-inch Trophy Stabilizer, and a 7 pin ArmorTech-HD sight. I was shooting a bit off. The target was a 5-spot and the best I was hitting was 4 out of 5 shots on the X. My 20-yard pin was hitting high so I was aiming it a bit low to compensate. I was reluctant to change the pin knowing I’d sighted it at my range, in NC, where I know 20 yards is exact. I stopped practicing after an hour considering that if I was off there was no further point in reinforcing some unrecognized error.

Before I left I talked awhile with Tony and Steve. Tony has worked at Wildcat for about eight years and Steve in moving into his second year. Both are very knowledgeable and Steve shot on the range a bit while I was there. Steve placed a small, quarter size tab onto a target then shot 3 arrows into it.


Tony, Steve and I talked for about 30 minutes and I bought some targets. One of the benefits of traveling is meeting other archers and visiting various shops. Once Brenda and I complete the renovations to our home in NC I’ll like spending winters in Georgia. I am looking forward to that, practicing on the range at Wildcat Archery, then hunting and competing in Georgia.

Near my mother’s home on Isle of Hope