Going Backwards

Recent practice and local competitions have revealed: I am getting worse – not better. The thing is, I am not too worried about it. Frustrating to be sure, but not freakish by any measure.

It’s fall and the primary competitive season of 2017 has past. This segment of year is spent working to improve form and technique. It’s time to try new things that might help with the next competitive season even if during this interval of practice things seems to be going in the wrong direction.

Haven’t broken 580 on the inner ten. This is an overall average of 562.

Certainly, it is frustrating. It has been so aggravating that I changed bows from an Elite to an old Mathews. I’ve changed releases from a Scott Black Hole 3, to a Longhorn Pro, and finally a TruFire thumb. Essentially, there is no difference among the releases and how I shoot. This isn’t true with the bows.

I know from years of shooting the old Mathews Conquest Apex 7, I can’t shoot it. I tried my best to get the measure of that bow. So many other people have done well with that model bow that it seemed likely I’d improve with it. Nope.

Despite the current lower scores, I am not too worried. I am also not investing into all sorts of new gadgets and gear in a hope that some purchase will bring forth a miracle of accuracy. For sure, there are gadgets and equipment that will improve my scores. Like more weight on my stabilizers, a release that is just right, or a way to improve visibility during low light conditions.

Before I sink any more money into equipment, I need to know that I’ve done all I can to maximize what I can do with the primary component of the sport – me. I am not yet 100% satisfied that I done that. Actually, based on all my data – I am 94% satisfied when it comes to shooting paper.

Nope, I’m not too concerned with the drop in my average scores. I am more pleased with the knowledge that the decreases are likely associated with changes in the little things related to form. Those changes , with more practice, will hopefully lead to a positive shift in my scores.